The Story of Spritz

An old proverb says: If you are in Rome… live like Romans do.

Therefore if you want to explore Italy,… try Spritz.

The legend says that historically Italians have been drinking wine, while Austrians were more beer drinking culture.

So this is what have happened when Habsburg conquer North of Italy in 19th century… They found Italian alcoholic beverage bit too strong for drinking and they start adding carbonated water… asking waiters in local taverns to ‘spritzen’ – german word for splash a bit of water in their wine…

Habsburg dynasty lasted some 100 years in which time even Italian’s got custom to adding water to the wine, however they did found the beverage to weak (being custom to wine) so they have start adding liquors in order to ‘correct it’. Typical liquors that were added are: Aperol and Campari.

Nowadays most Italians are divided in these 2 groups – those that think that correct way to correct Spritz is with Aperol and those that think that the only correct way is with Spriz.

You should try both, before deciding your truth.